Rolling Cash Fund

Thank you to everyone that contributed and/or applied to our rolling cash fund! 

We raised a total of $5,000 and distributed 25 cash grants of $200 for rent, bills, medicine, and other pressing needs.

This is just the beginning of a solidarity economy in Lakewood.  We hope to turn this cash fund into a community pool that we can use in all sorts of ways!

  • Short-term no interest “loans” to get you to pay day
  • Grants for community projects
  • A backup resource for neighbors when the car breaks down, for critical medicine, or rent relief

Please have patience while we move to a new crowdfunding platform. We will be pausing application decisions and disbursements until the new accounts are in place

Want to support your neighbors?

Are you a Lakewood neighbor looking for ways to plug in and engage in meaningful action?

Do you have any skills or talents you can share with neighbors? Are you a skilled professional who could offer your time or advice?

Maybe you’re a wiz at excel, you have a green thumb, you know your way around a pair of hair clippers, or you are handy around the house.

Whether you’re all-in or you only have time to make a couple of grocery deliveries per month.

People are looking for ways to connect in ways that matter. Sign up below and help us re-envision what it means to be a Lakewood neighbor.

Do you live in a different Durham neighborhood? Connect with the mutual aid group in your area on the Durham Mutual Aid website.

Are you facing financial uncertainty?

Grants Are Temporarily on Hold

We’re in the process of changing crowdfunding platforms and cannot process grants for the time being.

In the meantime please feel free to apply. We will continue to review applications and will reach out to introduce ourselves and connect you with other resources and support. As soon as our new account is set up, we’ll reach out with details about the next round of grant decisions.